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your bottle means jobs (cprc) - branding, collateral, and website

The Carolina’s Plastic Recycling Council (CPRC) is a joint initiative between the states of North and South Carolina to increase plastic bottle recycling (PETE and HDPE) — benefitting not only the environment, but also the economy. Increasing the supply of recyclable plastics creates opportunities for businesses and individuals in industries that are directly involved in recycling and in other parts of the supply chain — such as manufacturing goods from recycled materials. To generate funding for the public awareness phase of the campaign, the CPRC and SC Department of Commerce asked bigeyedbird creative to develop a campaign, messaging, supporting collateral, graphics and website to help solicit sponsorships from businesses throughout the state as well as raise public awareness. Directly illustrating the connection between plastic goods and job creation, ‘Your Bottle Means Jobs’ resonates not only with businesses, but individuals who will directly benefit from the jobs created by the growing recycling industry.