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pura - branding, collateral, and website

Opening its doors in Columbia’s Vista in February 2015, bigeyedbird creative was consulted for help developing a sophisticated name, brand and website for the Wellness Spa. Specializing in a whole-body approach to aesthetic beauty, the spa needed a name and image that would differentiate it from the competition. Derived from the Latin word meaning ‘pure’, bigeyedbird creative selected the name of “Pura” -- evoking a sense of natural beauty, symmetry and clarity. This concept was implemented throughout all brand components and central to the Spa’s tagline and launch campaign “You. Refreshed.” Vibrant floral imagery, clean compositions, subtle patterns and classic typography form the core of the brand image that bigeyedbird creative executed across all of Pura’s printed collateral and advertising media. These aspects appeal to consumers who want to rejuvinate, nurture and make the most of their own authentic beauty -- cultivating it from within through proactive treatments and wellness practices rather than artificially creating it.