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ria: rural infrastructure authority - website and design

The Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) needed to redevelop their website after a government structural change that moved the Office of Local Government (OLG) into their agency. We helped them extend their brand to visually incorporate the change and developed a new CMS website that the client could easily update and maintain. The site was designed to help merge both RIA and OLG in a seamless way for its users. In addition, we developed a creative way to announce the OLG move through a targeted "We've Moved" post card which was mailed to all the office's contacts.

While working on these projects, a need was discovered to developed a logo for the newly created SC Infrastructure Funders program, this was another element that arose from the structural change. bigeyedbird creative worked with RIA to create a logo that would pay homage to the participating agencies for use in their own spaces to grow awareness of the program.

You can visit the RIA website here.